Thursday, February 2, 2012

The William Morris Project: Week 4

Once again, I was super stressed about getting my William Morris Project done, but this morning I realized that I actually have not one but TWO to share!  Two!  Yay me!

What's this you say? 

Other than being a sad representation of my ability to procrastinate finishing up projects....
it is also the doorway trim FINALLY going from brown to white!

Way back in November the walls went from Forest Green to Beige (Mmmm..... beige.  Boring, but now my basement looks HUGE).  And as we've been doing with the other freshly painted rooms, the trim went from brown to white.  Most of it.  I don't know what happened to me, but 2 of the 3 doorways managed to get mostly primed, and then..... unfinished.  For months.  

I stared at those sad, patchy doorways through the winter holidays.  And chanted excuses to myself: I'm busy, It's Thanksgiving, It's Christmas, It's cold outside, It's winter break, I'm sick ..... excuse, excuse, excuse.  

But, now: WHITE!  

And guess what: BONUS PROJECT!

All our bathrooms have the same cheap faucet.  

It's adequate, but that's the most generous adjective I can use for it. 
The bathtubs have the same style of faucet, and the day we moved in, we removed all the handles & ran them through the dishwasher because they were CRAWLING WITH GREEN MOLD. 
And my husband wonders why I have such a fondness for cleaning products.  

During one of our 4 trips to the hardware store this week, we came across this beauty for $28:

And after another $15 in supplies, it was installed!  Funny how $28 turns into $43 so quickly.  
But when the hub was changing it out, the hoses underneath started to leak mercilessly.  I love this house, but wow, was it cheaply built.  Anyway, 2 days, 2 more trips to the hardware store & we have a new satin nickel faucet and non-leaky plumbing underneath!

Finally, here's the reason I wasn't sure I'd have a project to share with you this week:

Birthday party on Saturday!  
Much to do before then!


Monica said...

You made tissue paper puffs and lots of them! So cute. Great progress for this week.

Melissa said...

Great work! Those two projects are on my list, too--prime and paint all the brown doors in our hallway, and replace the kids' bathroom faucets. Love your party decorations!

Jules said...

Way to go! I'm even more impressed that you are going through the effort to make pom-poms. I always WANT to, but have yet to work up the energy before a party to do so!

husbandwifebaby said...

Love what a difference a quick change like that faucet can make. We always need to make at least on extra trip the the hardware store mid-project. It's just a given.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

painting trim makes such a difference! And that faucet is much more attractive.

Alice Almighty said...

Moldy faucet handles are totally on my list.

The trim looks really great too- it's amazing what a coat of paint can do!

Kelly said...

That faucet is such an improvement! Our builder-grade home came with almost your identical old one in every bathroom and we changed them all out -- except for the master bath, which we finally got to this year. I love your colorful pom-poms!

May said...

That kind of painting is drudgery!
Your new faucet is very pretty and does seem to lack the mold growing crevices of the previous specimen!

Mary Ann said...

Good job! The trim looks awesome and I love the new faucets. It's amazing what a little change can do to a bathroom sink.

Lais said...

The new faucet looks really nice and so does the trim. It is amazing how those hardware trips add up, plus the gas going to and from just to get the right parts...whew~ And you got all this done before the party on Saturday?! That's great! Hope the party was fun for you, I love your little flowers that you made, so pretty and colorful! Thanks for sharing your (two!) projects!