Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why do I bother?

What's the point of having airline miles if you can NEVER use them? I am trying to book a trip, and there were flights available 3 days ago, but apparently I waited too long to book, and now they have vanished into thin air. Seriously, I am looking a week in either direction of my ideal flying dates, and there's NOTHING?? Why have I bothered to accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles if I'll never be able to use them? I realize you have to book in advance, but it's not like I'm trying to fly next week.

I can't even use these miles for other stuff. So, will I just end of sitting on them until they expire? Is there a secret that someone can clue me in on?

What the French? Toast?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One of these things is not like the other....

It's no secret that I love me some Louis Vuitton. I know it's overpriced and rather elitist. But I don't care - the sight of that nubby brown canvas and interlocking LV gives me a little shiver every time I see it. I love that it's neutral, and goes with everything. Or so I thought.

I didn't post for a few days, as I was on a trip. This trip took me through the Atlanta airport, and it was there that I received my tiny revelation. Can you guess what LV does NOT go with? Birkenstocks and Sweats. A lethal combination to begin with, but throw in a LV bag, and you've got a tragedy in the making. Seriously, she had a real bag, and had the gall to mix it with an outfit I wouldn't wear to weed my garden. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I hearby issue one Fashion Police ticket to the heathen in the Atlanta airport. Penance: One month of shopping at RAVE.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A rant or two

1. Ever since I dropped to part-time at work and my insurance costs changed, we've been searching for independent health insurance for Hubby. I am fortunate enough to still have insurance through work, but it was more cost effective to drop him from the plan & secure outside insurance - in fact, it should save us about $400/ month. We applied through, and chose a plan through United Healthcare aka Golden Rule. The plan seemed reasonable, and given his super-healthy status, seemed like he'd be a shoo-in. Not so much. Today we received letter which stated he was declined coverage because he's an EXPECTANT PARENT. Wha? Last time I checked, I am the one who is lugging around 18 weeks of baby (and 13 extra pounds). I am appalled. He's in very good health, and works out 4 days a week. I'm not really clear on why my pregnancy makes him a high-risk for health insurance, but apparently it's way too risky for them to want our $100 a month. Seriously, it's not like he has a history of cancer, broken bones, random hospital stays, congestive heart failure or rickets. What has become of this country, when a healthy young man is rejected for health insurance because he's expanding his family. Golden Rule my behind.

2. It drives me insane when the cable goes floopy during the only 2 shows I REALLY want to watch each week. How do they know that I am glued to the tube on Thursday nights from 7-9? How do they know that I look forward to Earl and the Office ALL WEEK? Is there a tiny webcam in the cable box, with someone taking notes every time I curse MediaCom? All I can say is that we never had this problem with Comcast. Same goes with my favorite websites. Are you telling me that 4 pm on a Friday is peak bandwidth for E! Online? How can you tease me with just page one of The Awful Truth? Where's Page 2? WHERE IS PAGE 2???? E Online, I wish I could quit you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's all in the details, folks

I was driving back home after dropping Peaches off at daycare. It's a quick trip, but I usually see something of note there or back. Today, I pulled alongside a truck towing a sizable work trailer. The trailer was advertising a handyman business - light remodeling, finish work, etc. The truck was shiny and new, and so was the trailer. Both were obviously quite expensive, and the lettering advertising the business had been applied with care. Here's the kicker, though - at second glance, I realized there were spelling errors in the advertising. That's right,with all the money and care that had gone into creating a image of respectability and solidity, they didn't even bother to spell check their work.

Here it is: "No job to small" and "Custom Amities".

I know how easy it can be to overlook spelling errors. I consider myself to be conscious of spelling and grammar, but I type a ton of emails every day, and I am grateful that I have spellcheck do a once-over before sending. I cringe every time I receive correspondence riddled with spelling and grammar errors - sent by high-ranking, experienced colleagues.

An occasional spelling error slips in there for everyone. But if you're going to the time, trouble, and expense to create an image for your business, but overlook spelling errors in your rolling advertising - forget it. Just for that, I would never consider calling upon this business to handle any of my remodeling needs. If they overlook the correct spelling of "to", I have no faith that they have the attention to detail necessary to do a good job of home repairs. Seriously, would you paint a wall but overlook priming it first? Would you install moulding but not putty over the nail holes?

The details are what count. Consistently poor spelling and grammar indicate that you are uneducated, or have so little attention to your work that you really don't care about what you're saying or who sees it. It's rude, and an embarrassment to self. It's like eating at a fine restaurant and not using a napkin. Do you really think everyone wants to see mashed potatoes dribbling down your chin & watch you wipe your mouth with your sleeve? NO. So next time someone asks "what's the big deal" over spelling, grammar, thank you notes, manners, courtesy, or even a basic 'please' and 'thank you' - take a stand and tell them it DOES matter.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The quest for the holy grail (of jobs)

Why do I bother to peck around for jobs right now? I think it's just a form of self-torture. Knowing there is a job out there for me - one that pays more, has better hours, doesn't require travel, a 15 minute commute, an on site gym..... ah, dreamer that I am. I don't think there's anything wrong with being aware of your options, but who would hire a pregnant lady? That's what it comes down to, that's why it's a tiny bit of self-flagellation. Because I know that for the next 8 months, I am better off where I'm at. I have flexible hours, a decent salary (for the time I work), insurance, and don't have to travel too often. Why rock the boat? Why torture myself? I guess it's the desire to see what's out there, and see what the possibilities are. Could I find a decent paying job here? One where I wouldn't feel like a fraud on a daily basis? One where my opinion would be considered and respected? Is that possible? Does it even exist?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Milla looks awesome

I was cruising my usual gossip blogs today, when I came across some comments about Milla Jovovich's pregnancy weight gain. She states that she's gained 70 lbs. in the last 4 months, and her doctor is worried, so she's gone from eating 3 bagels for breakfast and Krispy Kreme's for lunch to chicken, fish and veggies. I have mixed feeling about all this. First of all, Milla's going to give birth in a month or so, and she looks fantastic. See pic. Second, girlfriend is 5' 9", and should normally weigh around 140 lbs. Given that she was probably drastically underweight before she got pregnant, I don't think 70 lbs is too terrible. That being said, it's a lot of pounds to drop post-baby, so Milla - I feel for ya. I'll be in the same boat (I don't plan to gain 70, but I'm already way bigger than I'd like to be), except I was fat before I got knocked up, so it's going to be even harder for me to get down to a healthy weight (plus I don't have the advantage of a nanny, assistant, personal trainer, or meal delivery). Third, who is criticizing this woman? She is gorgeous! A woman is supposed to gain weight when pregnant - she's growing an 8-10 lb. human being for pete's sake! This is probably the first time in her life she's been able to eat whatever she wanted & didn't feel like she had to puke it up immediately after. Milla, I'm all for healthy eating, but don't forget that if baby wants a Krispy Kreme, go and get it. All things in moderation. I love a nice salad, but it's even better when followed by a few bites of Cherry Garcia.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Monday

1. Doesn't this make you want to have kids? Yes, I'm talking to you, Jen Lancaster.

2. My roots are showing. I know it's been 2 months since I had my hair done, but shouldn't a dye job last a little longer? And now that I live in a new city, I have to go through the painful process of finding a new stylist. It takes a year to find someone decent, and if you do, it will usually cost a mint. But good hair is really worth it, isn't it? My question is: what do you do when the grey starts to become the predominant color of your coiffure? Dye every 2 months? Weave in lowlights and hope for the best? Any advice is appreciated.
3. Brit-Brit lost custody of her kids. Brit, my offer still stands - come stay with me for a few months and we'll talk about family values. This does not include giving your kids Mountain Dew in their bottles or putting whitening strips on their teeth. It does include time management, What Not to Wear, Therapy for Beginners, panty shopping 101, the 5 food groups, and appropriate play techniques. Seriously, I feel bad for her. I think she has decent intentions, but she's just been derailed by a case of the crazies. I hope this makes her snap out of whatever funk or junk she's into. The court isn't messing around - if she doesn't clean up her act, she'll never see them kiddos again. Brit, I wish you the best. Take this as a chance to shake it off, realize that your decisions are your own, and start making some better choices.