Friday, October 12, 2007

A rant or two

1. Ever since I dropped to part-time at work and my insurance costs changed, we've been searching for independent health insurance for Hubby. I am fortunate enough to still have insurance through work, but it was more cost effective to drop him from the plan & secure outside insurance - in fact, it should save us about $400/ month. We applied through, and chose a plan through United Healthcare aka Golden Rule. The plan seemed reasonable, and given his super-healthy status, seemed like he'd be a shoo-in. Not so much. Today we received letter which stated he was declined coverage because he's an EXPECTANT PARENT. Wha? Last time I checked, I am the one who is lugging around 18 weeks of baby (and 13 extra pounds). I am appalled. He's in very good health, and works out 4 days a week. I'm not really clear on why my pregnancy makes him a high-risk for health insurance, but apparently it's way too risky for them to want our $100 a month. Seriously, it's not like he has a history of cancer, broken bones, random hospital stays, congestive heart failure or rickets. What has become of this country, when a healthy young man is rejected for health insurance because he's expanding his family. Golden Rule my behind.

2. It drives me insane when the cable goes floopy during the only 2 shows I REALLY want to watch each week. How do they know that I am glued to the tube on Thursday nights from 7-9? How do they know that I look forward to Earl and the Office ALL WEEK? Is there a tiny webcam in the cable box, with someone taking notes every time I curse MediaCom? All I can say is that we never had this problem with Comcast. Same goes with my favorite websites. Are you telling me that 4 pm on a Friday is peak bandwidth for E! Online? How can you tease me with just page one of The Awful Truth? Where's Page 2? WHERE IS PAGE 2???? E Online, I wish I could quit you.

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