About Me

Welcome!   This is the chronicles of The 12 Year Plan, so named because of our family decision to pursue our dreams and build a better life for ourselves.  My husband quit a good-paying job and we moved cross-country with our infant daughter so he could go back to school while I returned to work full-time (Years 1, 2, 3).  Then, we moved to Iowa for the first 2 years of medical school (Years 4 & 5) and had a son!  He finished medical school in Michigan (Years 6 & 7), and GRADUATED in 2011!  We're now in Ohio for residency (this will be Years 8-11).  Year 12 will be his first year as an attending physician - and who knows where that will be?!

I'm recording the journey of this long and winding road along with the evolution of our family and day-to-day life in the Midwest.

Want to get to know me?  I like lemon cupcakes, books, nail polish, etsy, boots, cooking but not cleaning, to-do lists, salt water pools, Kate Spade purses, mint chocolate chip ice cream, king-size down pillows, medium-rare steak, spicy mayo, jeans, curtains (never blinds), pink, my Nikon D80, Target, and travelling.

I dislike mustard, doing dishes, ironing, pickles, cruelty to animals, the color green, dry lips, the smell of fish, brown rice, birds, and being hot (the temperature, not the state of being).