Sunday, August 16, 2015

Backing It Up

Yes, this is a Christmas post.  Fitting, as we are a mere 4 months until Christmas 2015.  Now that I can once again download pictures, I may as well update for posterity.  

The kids and I spent Christmas in Nevada (M had to work out of town).  Although I am a homebody, and there is nothing quite like Christmas in your own home, Nevada is a close second.  And I think we were all in need of a getaway.  

Before we left, we were able to have a family Christmas at home (just a few days early), with gingerbread houses and presents.  

Before leaving, J starred as Tiny Tim in his school's performance of A Christmas Carol.  
He did a great job, and it was a wonderfully festive night. 

Early morning flight.  Troopers!

Christmas Crafts

Christmas morning

My gorgeous girl


State Line

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a train.  

We even enjoyed a little snow!  Too bad it was mostly melted by noon.  All too soon we had to return to Ohio (and who knew that more snow days would be waiting for us?!).  


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