Sunday, August 16, 2015

Backing It Up

Yes, this is a Christmas post.  Fitting, as we are a mere 4 months until Christmas 2015.  Now that I can once again download pictures, I may as well update for posterity.  

The kids and I spent Christmas in Nevada (M had to work out of town).  Although I am a homebody, and there is nothing quite like Christmas in your own home, Nevada is a close second.  And I think we were all in need of a getaway.  

Before we left, we were able to have a family Christmas at home (just a few days early), with gingerbread houses and presents.  

Before leaving, J starred as Tiny Tim in his school's performance of A Christmas Carol.  
He did a great job, and it was a wonderfully festive night. 

Early morning flight.  Troopers!

Christmas Crafts

Christmas morning

My gorgeous girl


State Line

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a train.  

We even enjoyed a little snow!  Too bad it was mostly melted by noon.  All too soon we had to return to Ohio (and who knew that more snow days would be waiting for us?!).  


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catching Up in 2015

I stopped blogging for a number of reasons, the main ones being computer issues and seasonal exhaustion.  Ohio had another freezing cold winter, and between the grey, the cold, and the 15+ snow days, I just couldn't.

But we're not in Ohio any more, and the computer issues are .... better..... so I will do my best to cobble together a few catch-up posts.  I'm having trouble accessing photos from the last 5 months, so I suppose we will start with the more recent past.

At the end of June, the kids, the dog, and I said good-bye to Ohio & our friends, and moved to Texas.  No worries - Daddy comes in a few months.

It was a long & stressful 3 day drive (mostly because of the dog), but we made it.  We are settling in, unpacking (STILL!), and getting acclimated.  Yes, it's hot, but most places are in mid-July.  We are loving the friendly people, the sunny skies, and the abundance of things to do.  

We've been to the Farmer's Market...

Crossed the Suspension Bridge....

Visited the Mayborn Museum on the Baylor Campus.  Recommend.  

Daddy came to visit and we went to Medieval Times!

2 hour show & everybody was entertained.  

We also took part in Cow Appreciation Day.....

And have been spending quality time at the local water park.  

That's it in a nutshell.  We're happy to be here, but yes, a little lonely. 
Friends take time, and I guess that right now we've got nothing but time.

Friday, February 6, 2015

It's 2015

I suppose it's time to get back to this blogging thing.  

2015 holds major changes for us, and even if I feel like I'm only talking to myself on here, I should still record this stuff for memory, right? 

I'll update about Christmas in another post, but for now I'll focus on what's going to affect our entire year: Our Move to Texas.

That's right.  In just a few short months, we will become Texans.

In full disclosure, we've had this locked in since the end of May.  Very early, but we feel good about how everything worked out.  

I'm excited that we will be moving to a larger city.  As I've told the kids, it has about 80% of what we want, and the other 20% is within an 80 minute drive.  Given that we've spent the last 4 years 90 minutes from the nearest Target, that sounds like Heaven.  

So now my days are filled with plans to sell the house and coordinate the move.  Dates are a bit fluid.... we don't want to have to move until school is done here, but the kids and I will get there first because school starts in August.  We plan to rent for a while because we want to be very sure that this is the right career move for Husband.  And because I firmly believe that you don't really get to know a city until you've lived there for a while.  What looks good on paper is usually a little different in the light of day.  

We are very, very excited.
I'm embracing The Move, so heads up, you're going to see lots of Texas references here.