Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Belated 9th Birthday

After last year's mega-party, I swore that my girl would not get another party until she turned 12.  Possibly 16.  Yes, it was that much work.  And yet I somehow allowed myself to be roped into hosting a few of her friends for a Spa Party.  

I know, I am a sucker. 

We invited 4 friends, and 2 came, so it was actually very manageable.  

We made invitations in the shape of a sleep mask, and filled in the details with glittery pen.  

As party favors, we put together a personalized "spa kit" with a dollar store container, flip flops, a wash cloth, face scrubber, nailpolish, combs, head bands, hair elastics, and a manicure kit.  I bought everything at the Dollar Tree, so even though it seems like a lot of "stuff" it was totally reasonable.  

I personalized each container with the girls' names - I love how they turned out!  

We decorated the buffet in party style with a banner, tissue paper flowers, 
personalized art, and yummy treats.  

It was an afternoon party, so we had root beer and candy popcorn for treats, and of course cupcakes & ice cream.  

Flower cupcake papers were the perfect girly touch!

With a spa party theme we decorated flip flops with ribbon & tulle, played musical manicure, enjoyed an all-natural face mask, and then painted toenails.  

And then enjoyed those delicious cupcakes!  This year's secret: Nutella frosting.  I was dying.  

Happy Birthday, baby girl!  9 going on 19!

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Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

that photo of the girls all basking with their face masks is too funny. Looks like a fun party!