Sunday, February 9, 2014

January (and a little February) 2014

January was a heck of a month.

Although our weather is normally fairly mild in the winter, Mother Nature seems determined to show us who is really in charge around here.

We've had 9 snow days in January.


In a normal year, we may have one or two.  We have also had many of the oh-so-frustrating two hour delay.  Although I'd much rather have my children be safe & warm at home than travelling over icy country roads or in a classroom that can't keep up with the sub-zero temperatures, I can't tell you how ready I am for sunshine and spring.... although according to Groundhog Day, that won't come before April.  I'm also thinking that there will have to be a warm weather getaway planned for next January.  Let's call it a necessity.  For my sanity.

This day we got around 8" total. 

January also brought us the beginning of Birthday Season, where we celebrated this dude:  

And then Birthday #10 for this Girl:

Per her request, she wanted a fluffy cake with fluffy icing.  So I made an angel food cake & topped it with a chocolate whipped cream frosting.  It was quite delicious. 

This weekend we did run away for a little family fun at the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky.  
Other friends had said good things about it, and an indoor waterpark at a constant 84 degrees seemed like just the thing to thaw us out.  

It was VERY fun!  Great Wolf & Kalahari are very close to each other in Sandusky, and I chose Great Wolf because it seemed to be geared for younger kids.  And it was perfect for us!  There were a few larger water slides for my daredevil 10 year old, and plenty to do for my dog paddler.  

I found everything to be very clean.  The rooms were spacious, the resort was much quieter than I expected, and there was plenty to do - most of which we didn't have a chance to explore.  Unfortunately, M came down with a cold on Thursday, and although he came with us, he didn't have a chance to enjoy the resort as much as we did.  

I can't speak to the restaurants or food there - Sandusky has lots of restaurants, and we ate out for all our meals.  The prices looked high, but on par with what I expected for a "resort".  We also did not experience the arcade (but it looked fun), or the other games/ activities there.  BUT, I would highly recommend Great Wolf for families with kids under 12.  We only spent one night there, and due to the length of the drive, I would definitely spend 2 nights next time.    

The rest of February is going to be focusing on M's job hunt, prepping classroom Valentines and slogging through a No Spend month.   Wish us luck.  

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