Thursday, October 9, 2014

No Good Reason

For days I've thought about how to get back to blogging.  And why I stopped in the first place.  There was no defined reason.  Life, really.  You know, the same life that allows relatives to go months without talking, or random phone calls to go unreturned, or pictures to remain undusted, or to-do lists that languish for weeks.

And there was also the feeling that my online life was becoming a drudgery.  The internet is such a crowded space, with so many voices talking, talking, talking all the time.  

And sometimes I really just don't want to add to the noise.  Because that's what so much of it feels like - just a lot of white noise, with no real substance or place or meaning.  A jumble of not very well-written words that do little or nothing to uplift or provoke meaningful thought.  So much narcissism. 

But we've had a lot of changes around here, with more to come in the next 10 months, so I guess that while there's no real excuse for not blogging, there's also the same lack of reason to not get back to it. 

And here we are.  

To update: 

  • April: Soccer season, games every weekend, a new car for me, a job offer for Matt (or was it two?), and another interview.  
  • May: Soccer season continues, The Honda gets rear-ended (not my fault!), Matt started a 2 month stretch out of town, another job offer, school ends.  
  • June: Kids go to day camp for the summer, Matt still gone, Matt accepted a job, I applied for a new job.  
  • July: More day camp, a visit from Grandma H, job interview for me (I didn't get it), Matt is home!
  • August:  My birthday (it was wonderful), Grandma M visits, M starts middle school, J starts at a new school, soccer season begins.    
  • September: Soccer continues, family vacation to the Outer Banks, Matt gets a new car, we say good-bye to The Honda (I had that car longer than I've had Matt!), Matt moonlights, and the countdown to finishing residency begins.
And here we are.  

We are all healthy and well.  

Pictures to come.  


sarita said...

Hooray! I for one love your meaningful posts and I hope this means you're back. And I'm dying to know where life will take you next summer. Welcome back?

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Hey now! Look who's back in town! Glad to see you are writing again.