Monday, September 24, 2007

I heart Kohls

I'd never been in a Kohl's until Saturday. I've seen them, but they're not really big in the Northwest. It's hard not to notice them, as they are spreading like wildfire, and with Vera Wang on board, how bad could it be? It was better than I could have hoped. The Vera Wang is pretty awesome (not that I'll be fitting in anything but the shoes in the next 9 months), and they have a nice little Food Network section in Housewares - perfect for my current cooking obsession.

I loved the kid's section too, mostly because everything I bought was 60% off. Exactly what I need when shopping for a 3 year old who has outgrown 90% of her clothes. Seriously - princess pajamas for less than $10? Score!

I am a cliche...... I had a craving for pickles last night. I hate pickles. The only time I can eat them is if they're a dill spear on the side of a nice juicy roast beef sandwich. Of course, if the pickle infects the sandwich with its vile juices, I'd have to toss the whole thing. But man, did I want me a pickle last night. Maybe it was just a Freudian transferrance from watching Brad Pitt's naked ass in Troy last night. That was one long movie, but worth every second for a glimpse of that Golden God Brad. Yummie. Hormones, anyone?

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