Friday, July 10, 2009

Breathing Again

Things are getting better.

My husband's motivation has been impressive. He has been a veritable whirlwind of Activity.

Grass mowing, bed building, room painting, box breaking, Home Depot going, hornet killing, curtain rod hanging, 10 bags of trash taking out: Activity.

Sorry to the hornets. It had to be done.

My list of accomplishments has been far less notable, but do include refinishing my desk, putting away everything in the kitchen, painting trim, battling The Smell, breaking down boxes, scrubbing the house (I am utterly astonished at the places I have continued to find cat hair), selecting a new kitchen trash can, etc., etc.

The living room is coming together, and I will post pictures soon. Right now I am stumped on finding the right rug. I bought one from Pottery Barn, but am thoroughly disappointed in how it looks in person. Any suggestions for what will go with chocolate brown furniture? I am open to many colors, but NO GREEN. I am more of a blue/grey/ivory person.

I still don't like Michigan.

Michiganders, you are CRAZY drivers! Seriously, I used to live in LA - you might just be as bad as those freeway rats.

And PS - I do not get the "no left turn" situation at every major intersection. Really? You're going to make me go past, and make a U? WHY?

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Suzie Bean said...

Glad to hear things are improving a little. I hope The Smell goes away for you all soon. That is really not fun to deal with. We miss you here too. Tell Malaina hi from us!