Friday, July 3, 2009

Fab Friday: July 3

We've just returned from a trek to IKEA, so what could be more apropos for a Fab Friday?

I heart IKEA.

I feel fortunate that we live so close now - only 45 minutes each way (with no traffic). My previous two homes were (respectively) 4 hours and 2 hours from the nearest IKEA. Not so conducive to a quick pop-in for a cinnamon roll and incredibly inexpensive furniture.

The critical point to IKEA is that you have to be aware of what you're getting.

Good design - check

Low prices - check

A daylong trip through a complex maze of overwhelming choices - check

An armoire that will last through 4 moves and 15 years - not so much.

I don't mind IKEA because I am realistic about what it is: reasonably priced, decently designed, and neutral enough to fit into almost any apartment or rental home. I don't shed too many tears when my dining room table is scarred during a move, or get irritated when I melt a kids plastic plate in the dishwasher. I am handy enough to sand and stain away any scratches or liven up an ultra-inexpensive table with decoupage and paint.

So IKEA, here's to you and your oddly addictive Swedish meatballs. It's clear to me why your founder is the world's richest man.
PS - I will post about the move later in the week. We are still knee deep in boxes, hex screws, and stinkiness.


Ashley said...

Amy - I've been thinking about you wondering how life is in Michigan - are you all settled? Are you loving your house? You'll have to post pictures soon!!

And SO GLAD IKEA is so close to you - I don't think I've ever been and now I need to add that to my Trader Joe's list ;)

Rosie said...

Hooray for blogs, because I miss you. We celebrated the fourth with a bbq and I know you would have been here with a side dish to die for. Kisses for big sis and big j!