Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fab Friday: October 23

(Better late than never??)

I love me some craigslist. I have bought and sold on craigslist, searched for housing, furniture, vacations, jobs, and even gotten a giggle or two from the "Best of" (Cautionary note: the "Best of" are often R rated).

You have to be flexible - and patient - with craigslist. Those who are selling do not always
share my enthusiasm and eagerness to close the deal. I have learned to steel myself in anticipation of expired listings, repetitious emails, lack of follow-through, extortion-like pricing, no pictures, blurry pictures, misrepresentations in photo and verbiage, a dearth of detail, and of course, the ubiquitous spelling error.

But still.... with time, patience, and a watchful eye, craigslist can work as intended, leaving all parties satisfied.

Case in Point - we turned this:

Into this:
3 trips in the pouring rain, a good scrubbing with vinegar and soapy water, 30 minutes of assembly, and we were in business.

Yes, October is a weird time to buy a playset, but you know me - I was obsessing a little bit & when I can find a deal (and close the deal), I go for it. And 90% off retail is - to me - a GREAT deal. Now if we can just keep the rain away for a few days, the kids might even be able to enjoy it before the snow begins.

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Ashley said...

90% off retail IS a great deal - a steal of a deal really. Way to go! I love Craigslist even more then Ebay I think - less hassle, and you can always look at the object before you buy - but then there's the race to get the item. Which can get me stressed. But back to the point - way to find an awesome deal!