Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kid Update

I feel like it's been months since I have posted any update on the kids. They have weathered the transition to Michigan, and are doing really well.

Big J is now 19 months old. He is doing more running than walking, and loves to be outside. Every morning he stands at the back door pointing to go and play in the backyard. He likes boy-ish toys (cars, trains, trucks, fire engines, dinosaurs, robots, monsters, anything that makes loud noises) and has displayed his creative side by coloring on anything that doesn't move (walls, chairs, sofa, TV..... thank goodness for washable crayons & the Magic Eraser!!). His appetite is strong but he's not an adventurous eater, preferring to stay within the toddler food groups of graham crackers, hot dogs, bananas, and milk. He likes to express himself through various hoots and hollers, leaving the interpreting to us. He does have a handful of words, and understands almost anything you tell or ask him. He will respond with head shakes to nearly any question. He is still shy around new people & crowds, but at home he likes to be with others - playing quietly (or not so quietly) as I work in the kitchen. He has been growing and gaining weight at a more appropriate rate, and we're backing off his medications to see if the trend continues. He's a good sleeper, going to bed between 7:30-8pm, and usually sleeping until 6:45am. We've recently adjusted to one longer nap, and I think we both enjoy the 2-3 hour rest in the middle of the day. He also enjoys being read to, and will bring me various books throughout the day. His absolute favorite is the board book I Stink by Jim & Kate McMullin (a story of a garbage truck). He also enjoys watching Dinosaur Train in the morning, and loves seeing Elmo on Sesame Street.

Big Sis loves school. She doesn't love waking up in the morning, and we have learned to allot extra time for the getting-out-of bed process (that girl is more like me every day). She has homework each weekend, and asks to do it every Friday evening after dinner. She has enjoyed making new friends, and getting to participate in her first bus ride & field trip to a local farm. Her artistic sensibilities continue to blossom, and I am continually amazed at both her skill and her creativity. Each week's homework includes coloring & cutting out a letter, gluing it to another sheet, then drawing & labelling 4 items that start with that letter. For T she chose tornado, tomato, tire, and turn. What 5 year old thinks of tornado, then draws a perfect spiral to represent it??? Our lack of TV programming has re-ignited her interest in her own collection of toys & movies, and removed about 90% of the "I wants" that we were experiencing from too many toy commercials. A good thing for all of us. She's also becoming more cognizant of the fun to be had from board & card games. Big Daddy plays War with her, we had a family game of Monopoly last night, and I think Old Maid and Go Fish might be part of this weekend's entertainment. She loves her new ballet class, and I am only a tiny bit biased in saying that she is the most skilled in the class. She is learning the ballet positions, appropriate hand placement, and the other foundational skills that will serve her in future ballet endeavors. She worked hard to memorize her part in last week's Primary Program, and had a flawless delivery. We are so proud of our girl!!

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