Tuesday, November 10, 2009

eBay Mania

I am a long time fan of eBay. While not an early adopter of any sort of technology, I happily admit to being on the eBay bandwagon for almost ten years - nearly a lifetime in internet years. You really can "find it all" on eBay. I've bought household goods, apparel, accessories, gifts, and even my wedding dress on eBay.

eBay is addictive. Enter a search term, and browse away. If at first you don't succeed, wait a day and try again. Eventually you'll come across what you want. It's also dangerous - it's so easy to keep adding more and more dollars to your bid - and then you realize you're in over your head, and spend a few hours (or days) sweating it out until you are finally outbid in the last hour. Not that it's ever happened to me, I'm just sharing a funny anecdote. Ha Ha.

I've always been a buyer, but never dipped my toes into the pool of selling on eBay. We recently came into possession of an item that seemed to be a great fit for eBay - a coveted technological device with a strong resale value, so I dove in and tested the waters. Beyond the anxiety of living through a 7 day auction and obsessively hitting the refresh button to update the most recent bid price, it was a great experience. Templates make it easy to organize the key information, and combined with crisp photos and an item description filled with flair, I think I could become addicted to selling instead of buying.

In a fit of practicality and organization, I've listed a handful of other items - all of which have sold for amounts that make me - and my Paypal balance - very happy. Looks like Christmas is covered. Do YOU eBay?

PS - I used to get really worked up about how much people want to charge for shipping.... but after being on the other side of the fence, I can assure you that shipping is EXPENSIVE. And sure, I may end up making a dollar here and there on shipping costs, but I can also guarantee that when you open a shipment from me, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the care I took in folding, papering, and packing your new treasure. Lesson learned.

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gabrielle enfield said...

I'm going to let my colleague who works on the eBay PR account know about you/your story. They're looking for ambassadors.

Well put! Now, what's your seller handle so I can see your stuff?! :)