Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and More

In the middle of October I decided it was high time to check out the local pumpkin patch options and find our perfect pumpkins. I'd seen ads for Blakes Farm, so one Saturday - the least rainy but coldest & windiest Saturday in the last 4 weeks - we decided to pack up the family truckster and see what all the hoopla was about. And boy, was there hoopla.

Part fair, part carnival, part U-pick farm, Blakes Farm has something for everyone. And I think "everyone" in the metro Detroit area had arrived on that Saturday.

We took a cold and windy hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, which also took us through the U-Pick apple orchards. We abstained from both, as the pumpkins were very expensive, and I wasn't prepared for apple picking.

Apple picking is serious business you know, and requires extensive mental and physical preparation. Not really, I just didn't have any way to transport them home.

The kids had fun wandering amongst the pumpkins and deciding what size & shape they wanted. We actually ended up purchasing our jack-o-lanterns from a roadside stand on the way home - still keepin' it local.

Blakes Farm also had a large kid-friendly area with animals, a jump house, straw mountain, swings, tractors, tricycle race track, corn maze, and more. Sorry, no corn pool here. Must be an Iowa thing.

Big J checking out the wooden train while Sis & Dad climb straw mountain.

For a girl who is mildly afraid of heights, she did an excellent job.

See the tongue? That's how he looks about 66.2% of the time.

The winner & new champion of the Trike Track. Fun was had by all. But I think next year we'll try and go during the week.

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Ashley said...

Love love LOVE the pics of your family at the thie pumpkin patch. Oh i can't wait for Gavin to be old enough to enjoy fall like this! And your kiddos are absolutley adorable p.s. - but I'm sure you already know that ;).