Sunday, February 7, 2010


My girl is 6! Sometimes it seems like just a few years ago that we were getting ready to head to the hospital to meet our baby girl. And now she's 6. I feel old.

We gave her the option to stay home and relax on her birthday & she CHOSE to go to school.
We all got up a little early to open presents and partake in her birthday breakfast (donuts & fruit smoothies). One of the few things she asked for was a new dress-up box. She LOVES to dress up and often saunters around the house in her princess high heels. A girly-girl all the way.

My girl is very susceptible to the power of the infomercial, and that, combined with our slightly chilly house, led to a fascination with the Snuggie. She thinks it's pretty awesome.

I am not a scrapbooker or a stamper, but after seeing so many adorable birthday banners on the craft blogs I read, I had a notion to give it a whirl. She thought it was GREAT.

Triple Layer Red Velvet Cake with Swiss Buttercream Frosting.
Recipes from Smitten Kitchen. It turned out good (not great), but I think it was clearly due to my lack of practice in cake baking, NOT the recipes.

Noming on cotton candy at Chuck E. Cheese. She was SO excited to go to CEC for her birthday. Thank goodness her birthday was during the week, as I don't think Big Daddy and I could have tolerated a weekend visit.

I wasn't sure what she'd think about the cake, but she loved it.
(Note: 6 year old girls can be a touch persnickety).

Blowing out candles.

She wore that crown all evening, and puts it on every day. Nothing says birthday girl like a blow-up crown!


Kelly said...

Your cake looks awesome. Is it three layers? I'm very impressed. I know exactly how you feel about her turning 6. I was just having the same conversation with Jacob about Austin turning 6 next month. Where does time go? I hope she had a fabulous birthday.

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! Your cake looks incredible! I love how much thought and attention to detail you put into your kids. I could def. learn from you!

Ashley said...

Okay, now you have my mouth watering - yes please to the cake...that looks incredibe Amy!!! WHat a cute birthday girl and even cuter mom (and dad I'm sure) to make her day so special