Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Recap

A few days after the Autumn Equinox seems like the perfect time for a summer recap, especially since I haven't blogged in almost a month.  

4th of July sparklers

Then the kids & I were off to Julian, CA for my sister's wedding.  

A short drive later, we were in Nevada for 3 weeks with Grandma & Grandpa!

There were fashion shows....

A camping trip in the new "rig".

Lots of time spent throwing rocks into the stream. 

And of course, the post-camping clean up.  
Big J wanted to be just like Grandpa, 
so when it was time to wash the car
he pulled his quad up & got to work! 

A little brother/sister bonding time.  
(Believe it or not, they did take turns)

A real highlight of the trip was riding on the Big Quad with Grandpa. 

A freak hailstorm rolled through one day. 
In less than an hour, the temperature dropped almost 40 degrees.  It hailed for over an hour, then we had blue skies and sunshine once more.  

September brought the long-anticipated return to school. 
First grade began with a new school, and she is loving it. 

And finally, I had to squeeze in a photo shoot!
This is not one of the 'best' shots, but it has character, and I love it.  

Yep, that's about it for summer 2010.  
No need to document the many days spent melting in the Detroit heat, nor my constant whining about it.  
I swear, wherever we move next is going to have central air.  
I insist.  


Mom said...

This is my favorite too - shows their personalities. Love J's new spikey doo

Liz said...

I insist on your behalf.

Kelly said...

I love the last pictures. Your kids are growing up so fast. Jacob said he ran into Matt yesterday. It was so nice for him to see a familar face.