Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Stylist,

I think we're done here.

I liked the salon when I first started going there a year ago. Caitlin was young, but she could cut some hair. And after going without cut & color for 4 months, I was ready to try almost anything. She revived my lifeless locks & painted them with care. She was consistent from visit to visit. We had a good thing going.

And then she moved.

And you took over her chair. The first time I went to you, I had a slight feeling of dread, but tried to stifle it. You didn't help when we started talking & you responded in your flat, slow, slightly nasal way. You sound like a cross between Jeff Spicoli and Butt-head. Every question I asked or suggestion I made was greeted with a moment of silence, and then a brief answer, as if I was an idiot for asking.

But I persevered. We had our appointment & I was happy with my hair.

So what happened this time? It was only our 2nd appointment, but I didn't think I was asking for too much. I wanted to go darker, and I got darker ....which then washed out to dark-reddish with highlights. You seemed put out that you had to cut my hair (I booked a cut & color, no surprise intended). I asked for a trim & you chopped extra layers which make my wavy hair poof like an electrified poodle. You rushed through the blowout, burning me TWICE. And the final tab was 50% higher than any previous visit.

The receptionist raised an eyebrow when I only tipped 10%? YOU'RE LUCKY I TIPPED AT ALL.

No, I didn't complain. No, I didn't call the owner & tell her I'm dissatisfied. I would never dream of asking for another stylist at the same salon - talk about awkward!

I will just do as I always do - put it in a ponytail & find a new salon. It's a good thing Fall is coming. Maybe I can hide under hats for a while.

Ladies, why is it so hard to find a good stylist????


Anonymous said...

When we move to a new place, I look for someone with a similar hair type to my own (naturally curly) who also has a fabulous cut - then I ask her for a referral to her stylist. It works!! Maybe you could try that...

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Finding someone who truly understands my untamed locks is truly a tender mercy in my book. I have honestly never had much success in that department. The ONE (and yes literally ONE) time I found a hairstylist that made all my dreams come true, I moved two months later. So is life! I haven't even tired to find one out here yet. I'm scared, very scared.

Robyn said...

I am dying... you crack me up. I can SOOOO relate to this, it's not even funny.

Well, actually it is- the way you write it!

I know the pain. Hang in there. There is someone out there made to cut your hair. I know it!

Ashley said...

Oh you crack me up! Sorry you didn't like how your hair turned out. I think I would've complained - especially if you're not going back. I think if I was the manager, I'd want to know how my new employees were.

I have to relearn again and again that you pay for what you get when it comes to haircuts. I've tried to go cheap, going with people/friends/aquaintences from the ward who "know what their doing". I've done it twice. The first time was a terrible mistake and I had no idea how awkward it would be when I hated it and went home bawling to Logan. The 2nd time, in a new ward, in a new place, I was just stupid to try someone from "the ward" again. I thought it was a different ward, and she was actually a licensed hairstylist - but working at Great Clips isn't exactly top notch. I have thick hair, and have yet to find my dream stylist.

I seriously just left you a novel. Are you still reading? Points for you if you are ;) haha. Hope you find a new stylist you love soon!