Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dusting Off My Soapbox

If nothing else, a blog should be a place to express one's opinions, right?

After all it's MY blog.

So indulge me for a brief post:

It bothers me when people use their children as an excuse for why they can't do something. This sentiment is usually delivered in such a manner: "Oh, well, yeah, I could have done ____ , but you know, I have _(insert #)__ children."

Well, perhaps I need to readjust my listening ears, but it sounds to me like you are leveraging your innocent offspring to excuse your own lack of initiative and/or follow-through.

And are you also implying that everyone else who has less children than you can NEVER understand your home life and challenges that children bring?

Finally, are you possibly, just possibly, insinuating that you didn't choose to have this many children & that you are just a tiny bit burdened? Because last time I checked, birth control was readily available at any grocery, drug, or convenience store, not to mention doctor's office, pharmacy & Planned Parenthood location.

Now, I am a parent, and I understand that children can complicate things. The luggage alone can be daunting. But I think that with a little creativity and some extra planning, you can do anything post-children that you could do pre-children. And in my opinion, the fruit of your loins should be MORE of an impetus for achieving your goals.

So parents, stop making excuses and start using your brood as an incentive to make your dreams happen!


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Thank you so much for this! Just another reason why I love you to death.

On a side note, I took the kids to Cool Basil last week and thought of you.