Monday, August 23, 2010

Something For Myself

Being a Mom means that your own wants and desires often get passed over in favor of what your babies and family needs.

And that's OK.

Petty wishes for pedicures, uninterrupted reading time, and Girl's Night Out often pale in comparison to the more immediate need for school shoes, tending a a vomiting toddler, or Daddy working another night shift.

But every once in a while, I loosen the ties that bind, and find some time for me.

In this instance, I signed up for an online photography course with the interweb's own Nicole Hill Gerulat. My hopes are that Photo 101 will finally allow me to use my camera as it was meant to be used (and not simply click away on auto settings). If her textbook is any indication of what the class will hold, my wish just may come true.

Assignments begin the week after Labor Day. This means Big Sis and I will both be back in class at the same time. I think I'm going to have more fun than she will.

If the above ambition wasn't enough, I have also resolved to finally learn a little of the graphics program I bought months ago. Printed manual in hand, I hope to teach myself enough to revamp my blog a bit.

Here's to learning new things!


Kelly said...

Good for you! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes. I might sign up for her next class!

Liz said...

Go You! I have considered taking her classes as well. I hope you update the blog with all your amazing new shots!