Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Questions I Have Asked Myself This Week

  • Do we have to come back from vacation?  Really?  Are you sure?  
  • Did it really not bother the previous owners to have green mold growing inside their bathtub knobs?  Because it really bothers me, and I haven't even used that tub yet. 
  • Should "brass" be a valid color in home decor?  It really just seems like an affront to good taste. 
  • $40 for a curtain rod?  It's a metal tube... Really?
  • The flooring has to "rest" for 48 hours?  Is it exhausted from laying in that box?  Does it need a blankie and a glass of warm milk, too? No?  Would someone bring me some?
  • Why did no one tell me about the Stieg Larsson books?  (and where exactly is the local library?)
  • It's only Wednesday?
  • 95 on Friday?
  • Did you see that?  They have a scarecrow on the porch and an autumn leaf garland on their stair rail.  IT'S AUGUST, people!
  • That's how much?  Is that in dollars? Are you sure?
  • Can you eat too much ice cream in a week? (the answer is clearly no) 


Anonymous said...

I told you about the Dragon Tattoo books on my blog aeons ago! :)

The last one is the BEST!!! but they are all excellent.


Ashley said...

Holy moly this post made me laugh.. Minus the sound of never ending house repairs - though I can't wait to see pics of before and after! Green mold = so gross!

Liz said...

Love love love those books. If I had never been through an Iowa winter I would think that he makes Swedish winters sound fun. If you are looking at the rounded curtain rod: I got one for my bathroom and I LOVED it.