Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changing Things Up

For me, a move always signifies the chance for a new beginning.  An opportunity to change things I don't like and expand upon what's working.  Coupled with the new school year, and a whole new layout for our house, and we are ripe for an update around these parts.  

I've never been one to work from a set schedule, always preferring to fly by the seat of my pants.  I always get the job done, but maybe not in the most orderly - or sensical- fashion.  This year I'm trying out a loose, weekly household schedule.  It goes like this: 

Monday: Organizing, Dance, FHE
Tuesday: Library, Grocery, Baking
Wednesday: Cleaning
Thursday: Laundry
Friday: Fun Day!
Sat/ Sun: Open

A friend of mine in Michigan always cleaned her house on Wednesday.  It offers the chance to get it all done, have it tidy for the weekend, and keeping up on the cleaning means that it doesn't become overwhelming.  With more space to worry about, I am all for staying underwhelmed.  And I'm not so organized that I have a cleaning checklist for each room - it's usually pretty apparent what needs to be done.  If this goes smoothly, I do plan to enlist a Seasonal Checklist like those found at Martha Stewart. (seriously, I know she has a polarizing effect on people, but I can't help but love me some Martha). 

The above schedule isn't set in stone, but I'm really hoping that it helps me stay on top of things.  We've also set stricter limits on TV time, re-instituted chores for the kids, and are working towards a solid weekly bedtime.  I don't want to be a rigid household where we live and die by the clock, but a little structure is good, right?  

Do you have a daily or weekly routine that helps keep you & your household sane?  Any tips to share for staying on track?   

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Anonymous said...

I clean a little bit every day. We enforce a 9pm bedtime. Laundry Weds and Sunday. I'm starting a bread making day on Sunday's too :)

Good luck with your schedule. I like it!