Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Is How My Week Went:

Monday: Rejoice in a quiet, rainy day at home with the family. Ran to Home Depot & 2 Lowe's stores.  Bought bathroom supplies: cabinet paint, mirror, cabinet handle, light fixture.  Also broke down & bought 2 patio chairs & cushions on clearance (love them!).   I painted the cabinet in the bathroom, and stared morosely at the blobs of paint I fudged on the ceiling.  Decided to tackle that another day.

Tuesday: First "normal" day in months.  Big Sis back to school, Big Daddy off to WORK!  Work, work, worky, work.  Oh work, I rejoice in thy word & shall rejoice even more in the paycheck thy will direct deposit to our checking account in 10 days.  Went to 2 grocery stores, made calzones & apple spice cake as celebratory dinner.  Painted inside of cabinet door & first coat on mirror.

Wednesday: Big Sis was sick, so we stayed home.  Too much TV & not enough sunshine left all of us a little cranky.  2nd coat on cabinet, door, mirror.  Managed to touch up the bathroom ceiling & it looks tremendously better.  Stared at the patches of peeled off ceiling paint in the bedroom & hallway.  Could not muster the energy to tackle the mess of sanding & painting.

Thursday:  Oh Thursday.  I was feeling so ambitious, and then You Sucked.  I realized that I was going to have to take apart the mirror or else I would see a little bit of the brown wood reflected from the inside.  *sigh*  I pried it apart, and painted the inside.  I also painted the cabinet door, touched up the paint on the cabinet itself, and sanded, primed & painted the baseboards.  I decided to try the No-Knead Bread recipe.  Fell walking up the stairs while holding my phone and the computer.  No technology damage, but my hand still feels like something is out of place.   Realized I forgot a key ingredient for dinner & had to face Walmart before dinner.  Then, I threw a temper tantrum while attempting to make Boneless Buffalo Chicken & proceeded to tell Big Daddy that he could "Make His Own _______ Dinner".  Not one of my better moments.

Friday: Broke the bathroom mirror while trying to put it back together.  Scratched the cabinet while hanging the door.  Bought the wrong spray paint.  Had to move the washer & dryer across the laundry room so I could install the new furnace filter.  Almost crushed the furnace filter trying to wedge it into place.  Big J soaked himself going potty at Sears (a first.  the soaking, not the Sears visit.).  Walked the local mall & felt infernally depressed at the plethora of Deb/ Rue21/ Charlotte Russe's & distinct lack of Gap/ Banana Republic/ Sephora.  Cut off the tops of all the buildings I was trying to take pictures of.  Burned the bottom of the No-Knead Bread.  Sent Big Sis off to a last minute sleepover, then got a midnight phone call that she wanted to come home.  *big sigh*    

I have high hopes for next week.  It's GOT to be better, right??    


Music Mama said...

Hang in there ;) And I've totally had that dinner "conversation" before...

Liz said...

I we could go out for cokes together and ease the pain. Next week will be better!