Friday, November 18, 2011


In an effort to redeem myself from the whining of my last post (because really, don't we all read blogs so that we can make ourselves feel bad that we're not recycling our tin cans into precious pen holders or stitching up reusable sandwich baggies or decorating our new apartments with nothing but $30 and a trip to Goodwill?).....

Wait, where was I?  

Oh, right.  

My doldrums of a few days ago turned out to be the beginning of a mild cold.  After going to bed at 7:30 last night (and yet waking up at 4:30am today ), I am feeling much better, and am in fact TAKING ACTION.  Yep, for me the best way to conquer whatever item is putting the Fear into my heart is to make a list and start checking it off.  Although I have been considering the Holidays for months, I thought that perhaps a Christmas Planner would help.  At the least, it couldn't hurt. I took a cue from the Christmas Planner at eighteen25, and whipped this up on Wednesday evening:

Despite searching the aisles of the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Joann's, the only supply I purchased was the composition notebook for $1. I had partially convinced myself that I MUST have an adorable pack of Christmas themed scrapbook paper or my Planner was sure to be a bust... but after realizing that the paper alone was going to be $12+, I stepped back to rethink it.  At home, I dug through my crafting supplies and came up with some textured red paper, a sparkly white cardstock, a lime green ink pad, and a green striped gift bag.  With these - and the adorable printables supplied by eighteen25 - I made a very satisfactory planner.  

I've already begun to fill it up and plan out Christmas 2011.  In fact, since Wednesday, I have bought 2 Santa gifts, ordered the gifts for the grandparents, and even started filling in Advent ideas.  Christmas decorating begins next Friday, and it's all downhill from there.  

PS: Tabs are To Do, Menu, Calendar, Cards, and The List


Liz said...

And now I am staring at your blog and feeling bad that my Christmas Planner consists of a few lists written on sheets of typing paper, nothing festive or cute about them!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I want to know what your tabs say!