Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Up

  • My poison ivy is finally healed up.  And by healed up I mean that it looks healed but I still scratch at it 3 times a day.  It was bad enough that I have scarring.  While I would never, ever wish poison ivy on my worst enemy, I will give you a tip if you find yourself afflicted: hot water.  As hot as you can stand it, in the shower, twice a day.  It's the only thing that subdued my need to scratch holes into my flesh.  It also helped it heal faster (still took me a month, but whatever). 
  • My kids have already made their Santa lists.  We used this template to make things easier (and by easier I mean to keep the lists from being 50 items long).  J wrote his own name 3 times on the paper because he wanted to be sure Santa knew who it was for.  The only surprise was a request for a puppy (as no less than the #1 gift) and clothes for the puppy.  We then launched into a reminder that Santa decides what he brings for each child, and he thinks long & hard about what would be best for them.  (translation: no puppy this year)

  • I am beginning to seriously panic about Christmas.  I made some lists, and am finding that half the items are sold out!  What?! Sold out?   And eBay wants 6 times as much?  No, I say, NO!  So I am silently crying inside, and outwardly haunting the interwebs trying to form gift giving Plans C, D, E, and F.  I could really use an elf right about now.
  • I made this pin on Sunday.  At the time, I hated all the cutting and gluing and the stink of Fabri-Tac.   Now I love the result so much that I think I'm going to make more to fulfill those random gifts that are nice to have but not really necessary (teacher, dance instructors, favorite neighbor).  If you try it, I recommend not using sheets of craft felt (too thin), definitely using felt off the roll (much better), and using clothespins to secure the petals while they dry (a sanity saver). 
  • I am going rogue for Thanksgiving.  No turkey, no potatoes, no pumpkin.  Big Daddy doesn't even really like turkey, the kids could care less, and I have decided it's ridiculous to cook a giant meal when no one but me cares about the tradition.  So, here's the menu:
    • Deviled eggs
    • Pulled pork with brioche buns
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Green salad
    • Peach-raspberry crisp
 I am hoping this results in a less-stressed me, more dinner eaten, and fewer dishes to clean up. That sounds like a win-win for all. 

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