Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things That I Don't Skimp On

I've been doing lots of thinking about the past year.  It's been challenging in new ways.  We are incredibly blessed to enjoy good health, a spacious house, vehicles with no major malfunctions, and a steady paycheck.  But this year has not been without its hurdles - mostly financial.  (Relax, we're fine!).  And while I have gotten really creative with our budget, I have found there are a few areas I refuse to skimp on.  A short list for your reading pleasure:

  • My Kid's Underwear.  I know this is weird, but have you looked at inexpensive kid's underwear, especially for little boys?  The cotton blends can be really scratchy and I find that the elastic waistbands seems to disintegrate after just a few months.  They just do not look or feel comfortable at all, and really, if you want comfortable, it all starts in the unmentionables doesn't it?  (don't answer that)  So, yes, I buy my children pricey undergarments, usually from Gap or Gymboree.  Here's how I justify it:  a) they are so soft, especially the ones made by Gap. b) they last & last, without holes, unravelling or stretched out elastic, or shrinking. And c) I buy them on sale, or at the outlet.  And I find that if I buy 'em when I see 'em on sale, they don't cost any more than what I would pay at my local mass merchandiser.  
  • Toilet Paper.  Do I have to explain this one?  I didn't think so. 
  • Cleaning Supplies.  While I find that I have a fully stocked arsenal of cleaning supplies, I have also honed it down to just what I really need.  This is what works for me:  On a weekly basis I use Method spray (Pink Grapefruit), Comet, Clorox toilet cleaner, and Method glass cleaner.  I mop my floors with a Hann steam mop (amazing), and if I am really freaked out about germs, I do have Lysol spray.  I like cleaning cloths, but recently ran out of them, and haven't bothered to buy more.  I really use the spray for 90% of what I used the cleaning cloths for.  Yes, I have more stuff under my sink, but the specialty items are only called upon once in a while (Barkeeper's Friend, Goo Gone).  To me, it's worth it to pay $2.99 for a delicious smelling spray than to to pay $4-5 for a tub of medicinal smelling cleaning cloths.  
  • My Hair Cut.  I cut J's and Big Daddy's hair at home - usually a buzz cut every other month or so.  M only gets her hair cut once a year, and she's growing it again, so I will probably just trim it up before school starts.  But mine.... well, I won't risk cutting my own, and I've tried the inexpensive places before.  This is an area where I really find that You Get What You Pay For (aka the Good/Fast/Cheap trifecta) - and if it's cheap, it's never, ever, good.  My hair is long enough that I can easily go 3 months between cuts, but after that I feel like my positive self-image starts to falter a little.  $27 every 3 months is totally worth it.    
What about you?  No matter what your budget is, do you have any tried & true favorites that you refuse to give up?   


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on a good stylist!

I also splurge on a good daily moisturizer (Obagi) and salon quality shampoo and conditioner (DermOrganic).

I've also found that the more expensive brands of jeans are so worth it. You get a good pair, they wear forever and make you feel good :)

If you ever buy a piano, don't skimp. It was our first major purchase after residency and it's something we can pass down to our kids and their kids, etc etc.

Marisa said...

We definitely don't skimp on underwear or haircuts. I do cut Andy's hair every other haircut, but the man still needs to go to the salon! Other things we don;t skimp on - skin care products and bed sheets. Cleaning supplies, though, I go Dollar Tree all the way.