Friday, November 9, 2012

Kitchen & Dining Update

Even though I've pretty much given up on finishing a timely and regular William Morris post, I am still DOING them.  And last weekend, I decided on a whim that it was time to paint the kitchen and dining room.  I've been procrastinating for months, and I really wanted to get it done before the holidays so I could stop looking at those drab, sad walls.  

Let's take a trip back to the very beginning, shall we?

This is what it looked like when we bought it.  

Wallpaper, a border, and an odd, slightly sick looking pale grey-green paint.  

And let's not forget the green cloth vertical blinds!  Months later they were still coated with pet hair and dust, despite repeated cleanings!  

I stripped the wallpaper last Fall, leaving two-tone walls and scrapes to be patched.  

A few months ago we dumped the ceiling fan and hung a new chandelier.  

And then last weekend, fueled by a sleepless Friday night, I decided it was time to paint!  I was going to use the leftover gallon of Creamy Mushroom from the front room, figuring that it was neutral enough to work while we decided how far to take the kitchen remodel (to paint the cabinets or not?  replace counter top?  do nothing?).  At the last minute, the Voice of Reason - aka Husband - pulled me aside & asked if that was what I really wanted.  It wasn't, and so I showed him my very first inspiration image: 

(this was taken from a home tour at The Kitchn, and the homeowner is actually Under the Sycamore)

What I really wanted was a pale, happy blue, with white cabinets and butcherblock counters, and updated appliances.  

So we whipped out the paint chips, picked one, and I ran down to my favorite home improvement store to buy some last minute paint.  

Ta Da!

This is Heavenly Blue by Martha Stewart, color matched into Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint.  

In some of these pics it reads very "baby boy blue", but I swear, it's not.  

Of course I painted the trim white (yes, the wood doors will go white too, but they are really damaged from the previous pets, and I didn't have time/ the desire to fix them right now).  

Do you like the clutter and the missing vent cover?  Just keepin' it real out here.  

We all love the color.  It makes me happy just walking into the room, and isn't that the point of personalizing your home?  And it even got me pumped to paint the cabinets in the Spring.  Best $32 I have spent in a looooong time!

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Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Its looking lovely! I like the new chandelier. I have a hankering to redo my own dining room lately.