Sunday, June 30, 2013

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It was an incredibly long week.  

I was in a terrible mood every day (very much not like me, despite what my husband may think), and plagued by a sense of frustration over not knowing if I'd have my job come Monday morning.  
As long as Gov. Kasich signs the Ohio state budget today (get on it, Gov!) all will be well.  At the very least, I still plan to show up tomorrow.... whether to clean out my desk or put in my 4 hours is still TBD at 6:45pm on Sunday.  

In the meantime, I whipped together a blanket for the newest little girl in the neighborhood.  I took the lazy way out, and simply handstitched a binding on a large piece of marshmallow minky.  Soooo soft I almost didn't want to give it away.  

I was also inspired by this post from eighteen25, and made a Dole Whip Fund jar.  I used the Cricut (love that thing!) for the vinyl.  I did find the Mickey figurine at the local Dollar Tree and used the white contac paper (vinyl) I already had.  The jar was from Walmart so I think the entire project cost me $5, and an afternoon.  

Finally, although I don't believe that (most) everything on the internet is true, I DID test out the "all-natural weed killer" that has been floating around.  

And it worked.  

Honestly, I used the very scientific method of  dumping about half a small bottle of vinegar into a spray bottle, and adding 3 squirts of random dish soap.  I sprayed the weeds dotting the crevices of my driveway, and 2 days later they were brown and shriveled. I was shocked.  And am ready to stock up on vinegar.  Is there anything it can't do?  

PS: post #660! 

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