Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is This Thing On?

After not posting for over a month, I guess it's time to face up to the fact that I DO still have a blog.  Poor neglected blog.  Like so many other things this summer, I have not been giving you enough attention.  I'll try to remedy that in August.

July recap:  Although there is a lot to say, I'm not sure how much is worth sharing.

Mostly, I struggled in July.

I finally took my Boot off and started Physical Therapy.  After just a few weeks, all was well enough that the doc told me I could stop.  I - and my wallet - were happy.  But I was also frustrated at the slow, slow progress I was (am) making.

I realize I was much too optimistic about my recovery.  That there is no way I am ready to run, despite being 3 1/2 months out from surgery.  That I can't even do a jumping jack yet.  That I will most likely take the next 6 months to rebuild the muscle I lost during recovery.

It has been humbling.

But I am trying hard to get back to my normal physical activity.  I'm on the spin bike.  I'm walking the neighborhood.  And best of all, I find that I can strength train again - specifically that I can squat.  It seems silly to be so relieved about being able to bend down, but I am.  I really am.  I'm doing the Basic 4 workout found on Go Kaleo and I am eager to regain some muscle tone.  Overall, gentle activity is making the biggest difference and I am hopeful that if I am consistent in August, I may be able to break into a slow jog in September.

Despite these struggles, I've enjoyed this summer.  After the craziness of school, sports, dance, choir, church, and work, the slower pace has been a relief.  And I think I have savored everything a little more just knowing that J will start Kindergarten in a few short weeks.  I am excited (mostly about not writing any more checks to preschool) but it's bittersweet too.  He's my baby boy and although he is more than ready for K (despite having sudden, uncharacteristic anxiety about it), it is yet another signal of life moving on & continuing to speed up.  It also feels incredibly selfish to say, but the start of school also means a few hours of alone time, too.  I've had little shadows for the last 9 years and now that they will both be in school full time, I will (hopefully) have 2-3 hours to myself each weekday.  Honestly, it's hard to fathom right now.  I can watch what I want on TV?  I can read a book without interruption?  I can clean without tiny tornadoes descending behind me? I can get in a workout without having to stop to regulate a dispute, refill a cup of milk, or answer 4,612 questions?  Inconceivable!

Other events in July:  I sold my jogging stroller, we updated the downstairs bathroom, Mega Sports & Art Camp for M (she did soccer), she also lost another tooth (#9), I signed up for Instagram - mostly to keep up with a friend who no longer blogs (you know who you are), we went to the pool a few times, found out a good friend is expecting her first baby, passed through the first step in getting M's medical license, attended our first recruiting dinner (that was an eye-opener!), and ..... that's about it.

Yep, that is a BLUE bathroom.  It looks amazing with the (newly) white trim. 

Soccer Star!

The Tooth Fairy came.

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