Thursday, August 22, 2013

BTS 2013

The long awaited day finally arrived!  

This girl hardly slept at all the night before.  
4th grade is a very exciting year, ya know. 

This guy was a little apprehensive, but suuuuuper excited for his first day.  

Outside his classroom.  

Getting off the bus at the end of a loooong day.  
There were hugs & smiles all around.  

Things to remember:
  1. A special breakfast of donuts, which Daddy brought home after his all-night shift.  
  2. While waiting to go inside the school, I watched a small boy climb out of a car, clutching his plastic Walmart bag of school supplies.  I caught a glimpse of a scrapbook page inside his bag, so I knew he must be a kindergartner, too.  He was all smiles, and waved to the driver, then turned and spotted the crowd of kids & parents waiting for the morning bell.  His face fell as he took in all the strange-to-him people, and I was so glad to see the principal spot him right away, and guide him on where to wait & what to do.  Poor little guy! 
  3. Walking into the house after work & soaking in the SILENCE that greeted me.  Even the dog was acting like it was weird.  
  4. J talking about the Jitter Bug Juice they had as their end-of-day snack.  Sprite, Crystal Light, and rainbow sherbert.  "Mama, you HAVE TO keep this recipe".    
Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for the new outfits!  

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Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Your fourth grader looks so grown up! They both look adorable. Its weird being home alone, isn't it?