Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, Phase 1

I spent August ramping up my workouts just a bit, (and trying to pull things together for the start of school).  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, but have been interested in Body Revolution for a while.  I've seen the infomercials, and since I've had decent success with Jillian Michaels workouts before (30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism), I thought this might be a good challenge.  Unlike her other DVD's, this is a 12 week program where the workouts change every 2 weeks.

I'm only 2 weeks in, but here are my impressions:
  • The first 2 weeks - Phase 1- consists of 3 DVD's: Workout 1, Workout 2, Cardio 1.  Each DVD is done on consecutive days, with 1 day off each week.  
  • Similar to my favorite DVD, 30 Day Shred, all of the workouts are circuits - meaning that there is a set of exercises that is repeated multiple times.  In Workouts 1 & 2, the circuits are repeated 2x, with a total of 3 different circuits.  In Cardio 1, there is 1 circuit repeated 3 times. 
  • Workout 1 is front of body with a little lower body.  Workout 2 is back of body and lower body. Weights are used in both, but there is no emphasis on the size of weights to use (I used 5's for Workout 1, 8's for Workout 2).  A resistance band is also used for 1 exercise in Workout 2.  
  • Cardio 1 is a medium-impact, non-weighted workout. 
  • Most of these exercises are single-muscle group (bicep curls, squats, etc.).  This is to prep you for more intense combination exercises later in the program.  
  • Circuits keep me from getting bored, so I do like this formula.  
  • Switching off front of body & back of body is different from her other workouts that I have done and I really like it, especially since the Cardio day allows for a "rest" before starting the workouts over. 
  • The workouts average about 30 minutes each. 
  • The Cardio is a total body workout (arms & legs are used).  
  • I don't care for the Cardio DVD.  I only did it once each week - I skipped one Cardio workout the first week, and swam for the 2nd Cardio day on week 2.  I'm facing this Cardio DVD 4 more times in the next two weeks, and I may sub in swimming instead.   
  • Cardio DVD: 'Suicides' - no, thank you.  
  • Yes, the Jillian shtick gets a little tiresome, but I'm able to tune it out, so it doesn't really get to me.  
Results: I don't plan to measure again until the end of the program.  2 weeks in, and I am -1.6lbs.  I often do a little extra cardio in addition to the weighted workouts (probably an extra 20-30 minutes, 3 times a week) - riding the spin bike or walking hills, and plan to keep it up.

Note: Body Revolution can be purchased here, or through Amazon.  I am not being compensated for doing these workouts or writing these reviews.


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I like the biggest Loser ones. Bob is so cheerful. Jillian seems...cranky.

Brian said...

So I finished TBR and then went on to Insanity. Once I began Insanity I started thinking TBR was too easy, well I must have been crazy because yesterday I decided I just wanted to do an easy workout so I pick up month 3 cardio of TBR... it killed me!!!

As you grow stronger you're able to do more.. Jillian is a genius!