Sunday, October 6, 2013

Body Revolution: Weeks 5 & 6

You know, I have really mixed feelings about the program at this point.  The upside is that it's only 30 minutes, and frankly, what else can I do in 30 minutes that leaves me feeling so accomplished?  My shoulders have also never looked better.  The downside is that I am TIRED.  And sore all the time.  Which I guess means that the program is doing something for me.  I certainly don't feel that way from couching out & eating Cheetos.

Phase 2, also known as workouts 5 & 6, continues the front of body/ back of body alternating workouts that started in Phase 1.  Cardio 2 is MUCH better than Cardio 1.  But I still only did it once.  More on that later.

Workout 5 (chest/ tris)

  • The worst: Crescent pose flies with the band (I am not using the band that comes with the BR program, and I discovered that my band is just a little too short to do this effectively); Woodchoppers; Crab Tricep Dips with Leg Raised.  
  • The best: Sumo Squat with Shoulder Press. 
  • Overall: Lots of balance exercises, and I am still modifying for the left side - but I DID do them!  Chops - I was all over the place with these.  
Workout 6 (back/bis)
  • The worst: Windshield wipers; Weighted Supermans, Chop Lunges. 
  • The best: Lat extension with situp; Plank Rows, Bicep Curls with band. 
  • Overall: Again with the balance exercises!  They are not difficult, but with my weaker left side, it was challenging to figure out a decent modification that still allowed me to maximize the exercise.  Chops - Ugh. 
My left ankle has been achy and weak.  So I did the workouts, but did not do the high-impact intervals.  I would march in place, or do a low-impact modification of the exercise.  Part of me feels like I am cheating the program but the other view is that Life Happens, and I am choosing to continue to follow through with my commitment to complete the program.  I did Cardio 2 just once, and I liked it, but decided that I would stick to lower impact cardio on those days - mostly 60+ minute walks in our hilly neighborhood.  

I haven't weighed or measured, and am OK with that.  I don't expect/ never expected to "lose sick amounts of weight" with Body Revolution.  But with visible muscle changes, I am pleased so far.  And pumped that I am halfway through!!!!   

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