Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Update, part deux

I have been remiss in blogging, but it's been a busy week. It took us days to recover from the jet lag of vacation (stupid red eye flight) and now I'm back at work. Not that work is overwhelmingly busy, but it's a grind right now.

To continue the update....

Kauai: Awesome. Very relaxing, but not restful. You see, no one told us about the chickens. Huh? Did you say chickens? YES - CHICKENS. Thousands of feral chickens roam freely all over the island. And being the creatures that they are, they do as chickens do - CROW AT 5AM TO GREET THE DAY. So, while we had a lovely time sightseeing and exploring new beaches and being lazy slugs, we were also up with the sun every day. 2 FYI's - there are 3 great family beaches, all on the South side where we were staying. I recommend Salt Pond Beach, Poipu and Lydgate. Salt Pond was my favorite, as it was quiet and not very crowded. Also, it's expensive. We were fortunate to have a full kitchen in our condo... but a gallon of milk was still $9.00 and we spent almost as much on food as we did on our rental car for the week. Crazy.

Hooray for $54K of debt! It's actually a matter for celebration, as it means that we've committed to DMU, and to a career. It's a big step for us - a big, debt-filled, equivalent to a second mortgage step. Oh well, it's only money right? Now if I can just keep from getting fired in the next 6 months.....

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