Friday, November 2, 2007

Catching up

I've been remiss in my blogging and need to try and catch up a bit. News from the home front:

1. It's a boy. What did we do before the magic of ultrasounds? I guess if there's no chance of finding out what you're having, there's no need to worry about it. I give props to my friends who patiently wait it out (their thinking is "How many great mysteries are there in life?" - my response is that they need to get out more).

2. While at the doctor's office, the nurse sufficiently put the fear of early death/ loss of limbs into me, so I've begun my version of the diabetic diet. This generally consists of no bread, pasta or sugars. It's only been about 36 hours, and I am taking it hour by hour. Although it's awesome that I love meat, peanut butter, and cheese, I really just want to dive into the bowl of Halloween candy and roll around in it. I also keep daydreaming about crusty french bread. I'm hoping that I'll feel better after getting through the weekend, but until then eggs and chicken patties are leaving me wanting more. More bread, pasta, ice cream, peanut butter cups..... I suppose a little bread withdrawal is a small price to pay for getting to keep my toes. I sort of have Fred Flintstone feet, but I do love to have my toes painted.

3. We fired our realtor. She wasn't giving us good service, and wasn't communicating at all. First she agreed to the termination, then said she would only sign it once we paid her for the ads she ran on our house. Funny - she didn't respond to my request for copies of the receipts for the ads, hard copies of all ads, and a copy of a signed agreement stating we would pay for any marketing expenses. Chalk it up to yet another learning experience - but seriously, how hard is it to send a few emails and not act like I'm inconveniencing you when I call to see what's new? We've signed on with a new firm, and I think I've heard from them more in the last 2 weeks than we did in 2.5 months with Tania. A heads up to those in Salem, OR looking for a realtor - Tania Turnell of Re/Max will do the least amount possible and make you feel bad about it. If you like to be made to feel like you're bothering your realtor by asking for updates, she's the one for you!

4. I hear that Oprah has thyroid problems. I can appreciate that she didn't know what the heck was going on with her body (first hyperthyroidism, then hypothyroidism), but I sort of resent that she related it back to being pre-menopausal. As a relatively healthy young woman, I am walking proof that anyone can have thyroid issues. I feel really fortunate that I caught it now, and not years later, and I also feel lucky that I am able to take medication that makes me feel so much better. I'm not exhausted anymore (well, I'm tired, but that's more baby-related than health-related), I'm not cold all the time, and I think once I'm back on a diet and exercise schedule, the weight will start to melt off.

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