Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cupcake Obsession

Ok, so remember in my last post I said that I wasn't craving anything specific for my trip to New York? I was wrong.

I've been obsessing about cupcakes for the last 3 days, and I think I may break down and go on a cupcake hunt soon. I don't know what it is, but I can't stop thinking about those moist little bites of love, topped with smooth, creamy, fluffy icing. I could eat a chocolate one, a red velvet one, and a yellow cake with chocolate icing RIGHT NOW. I'm sure the fuel in my obsession is the lack of sugar and carbs in my diet - but I'm starting to worry about myself. You know how some people like to look at porn for hours? I've been looking at cupcakes online. I've chosen the bakery I want to go to in NYC, and have planned the trip out in my head. Walk 3 blocks to the Radio City subway station, hop the F train to Herald Square. Shop at H & M for about an hour and a half (this is the one with Maternity and Baby clothes, but not the best in the city - the best H & M is on 5th & 51st, but they don't have Baby or Maternity), then hop back on the F train to Delancy St. Walk a block to Rivington and enter the Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery. I will purchase one "Sexy Red Velvet", one "Lemon Yummy", one "Coconut", and one "Black & White... Just Right". I will eat two and pack the other two for the plane trip back home.
Here's the downside: I tend to build elaborate ideas in my head, which reality rarely lives up to. Can ya tell?

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