Thursday, November 22, 2007

A rant

I've been too tired to blog lately - working too much, baby issues on my mind, all kinds of stuff. I'm still looking for a winter coat, and even searched some viable prospects in NYC last week. And found nothing. I went to the so-called Old Navy flagship on 34th and 7th & it SUCKED. The maternity section was tiny, hidden, and poorly stocked, with not a coat in sight. I was so ticked I even emailed customer service. I finally broke down and bought a coat at Old Navy online, and of course it's enormous. I'm taking it back tomorrow and am hoping to find something on ebay. I better figure it out soon, as we had our first snow storm yesterday. I can still barely fit into my North Face jacket, but that's only going to be the case for another few weeks.

It appears I have gestational diabetes once again. I was hoping that the modified diet would help push me through the glucose test, but no such luck. I did the 3 hour test yesterday with 4 tubes of blood drawn. I can pretty much guess at the results. Breakfast and dinner never seem to be as difficult as lunch is. I always want a sandwich or some pasta. Otherwise I'm just being careful about what and how much I eat. The exercise part is the tough stuff for me. I never make the time, and now that Winter is here, I won't be as inclined to take an afternoon walk with the family. I guess I need to figure out how to get into the tiny gym here at the complex. I'm really irritated at the diet part - especially as this is a strong indicator that I'll develop diabetes in the future. I do know that this has helped me to be more thoughtful about what I eat. I suppose that if I can keep that mindset, I'll be better off in the long run.

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