Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just don't get it

  • Why do some ebay sellers try to rip you off on shipping? Seriously, do you think I am going to be OK with paying $11.00 to ship an item that should cost no more than $4.50 through the post office? Are you that cheap that you have to squeeze every nickel out of your buyers, and leave them feeling extra pissed?
  • Is the winter weather that much of a hassle that you have to moan about it even on a sunny, snow-free day? Granted this is my first winter here, but I don't think it's been that bad. Yes, it has snowed. Yes, there have been some sub-zero days. No, I personally don't have to go out and shovel the sidewalk and driveway. Hang tight for another 4 weeks, Spring will be on the way. And PS - this is NOT bad. I still remember a time in Colorado when it was -20 for two weeks straight. THAT was COLD.
  • Why is TV programming so horrible on Saturday nights? Friday nights are not much better, but usually I can find a episode or two of House, then hold out for Las Vegas to come on. Saturday night? I sat through 3 hours of Fried Green Tomatoes, with commercials every 9 minutes, then watched Kathy Griffin's stand-up on Bravo (not so bad - a LOT funnier than that idiot Dane Cook). Unfortunately, I enjoyed the stand-up a lot more than the movie, and was sort of pissed that I ended up staying awake until 11 pm, then had my usual restless sleep until 6am when Peaches woke me up.

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