Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's New?

It's been a busy few weeks. Peaches started a new preschool, and is loving it. I love the free time it's giving me. 5 hours a week to myself makes me feel a little bit human again.
  • I've also been busy making baby blankets and diaper cloths. See above. I finally found the courage to make a blanket for The Boy, too, and will add a pic when I get it all washed and purty.
  • Ebay has been my new best friend, and it got a bit out of hand for a few days. Seriously, when you can buy Robeez at less than half the price, who could resist?? Let's just say that The Boy will have some very stylish kicks - not that he'll actually need shoes for another 9-12 months, but fashion is everything, ya know.
  • Looks like the house might actually sell. We accepted a low-ball offer and even though it's much less than we would have liked to sell for, the idea of being unburdened is almost dizzyingly appealing. The night we agreed to the deal I slept better than I have in WEEKS. (Unfortunately that didn't last, as this morning I woke up at 4 am and when I finally fell back asleep, Peaches woke me up about 15 minutes later).
  • I had brunch with some friends today, and they were sweet enough to bring gifts for the baby. It was like a mini-shower - the first one I've ever had. So Nice! It was such a treat to have some girl time, and Robyn was so great. Thanks for being such a great hostess, Robyn!

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