Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Between Christmas last month, and many birthdays approaching, I have been doing much online shopping.

But I am cheap, and hate to pay for anything "extra" such as shipping. I know, if I order online, paying shipping is to be expected, but it just irks me when they tack on that extra $6 or $8 or even $10.

So I must share with you my latest find.

Before I make a purchase, I will google the phrase "(insert store name here) coupon".

9 out of 10 times, I end up at Retailmenot. This ingenious little site hosts online coupon codes sent by users or posted by the store website themselves.

Folks, because of this site I have saved on multiple occasions. I saved $15 in shipping on a birthday gift (yes, it's a big gift). On another purchase I found free shipping + $10 off. A third time I found shipping for 99 cents, saving me $6. The site even shows you how reliable a coupon code is supposed to be (based on whether or not users were successful in having it work for them).

If you are an online shopper like me, you have to check it out.


Sally said...

So....What are your favorite online shopping spots?

That's Ms. Amy to you... said...

You know I love Gymboree, and they often have good online sales (tshirts for $2.99, etc.). I also like Old Navy, Land of Nod, Overstock, and Target. Nothing fancy about those, but I'm always on the hunt for bargains!