Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big J Update: May Edition

I've decided I shouldn't be allowed to be unaccompanied to any doctor's appointment - at least any appointment where I have to juggle a child and be expected to recall what was actually discussed at said appointment.

It's a good thing that Big Daddy was able to accompany us to Big J's GI appointment on Wednesday.

There's not much of an update. Big J lost weight again (after gaining at the 2 week check). This wasn't surprising, as his appetite has been marginal for the last 10 days or so. I don't have exact numbers, as the nurse/ medical assistant struggled with the simple tasks of weighing and measuring him. I'm not sure why this was so challenging. The scale is digital, and all she had to do is push a button and accurately record the reading in front of her. But this seemed to overwhelm her and she repeated the process 3 times. Frustrating for all involved, and it definitely didn't do anything to improve Big Daddy's residual anti-nurse sentiments (Navy Corpsman vs. Navy Nurses - it's not a pretty rivalry).


Because his "samples" have shown that his digestion is working as it should be, the doc decided to try a few meds to see if we can get him to gain weight. One is an antihistamine, but has the interesting side effect of stimulating appetite (often used in the treatment of anorexics). It also makes him sleep like a champ, and I'm rather enjoying that side effect. The other is an anti-reflux rx - on the off chance that he's got a little acidic regurg which is making him reluctant to swallow.

We're back to the ol' wait and see game. Another weight check in 2 weeks, and if there's been no progress, we'll move on to the dreaded Scoping of the Intestines. He's still taking the Rolls Royce of baby formulas, so I'm hoping for the best.

Thus far he's made an attitudinal turnaround that is remarkable. He was pretty cranky for a few days there (a slight cold coupled with a combination hunger/ sleep strike), but is back to his charming self. He's giving hugs and crawling all over the place - plus he received his first Matchbox monster truck today. He took it everywhere!

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Sally said...

What a cute picture of your sweet baby boy. I love hearing about him.

I've been thinking a lot about you today.


Thanks for the darling outfit you sent for Dallin. He looks adorable in it. My sister was jealous. It is so soft. I got the Birthday card too. Thanks for all the love you send my way, you don't know what it means. You take such good care of us.
Lots of Love