Friday, May 1, 2009

Fab Friday: May1

Happy May Day! I am thrilled with the sunshine and mild breeze streaming through my window, but I am feeling uninspired. So, I think I'll tell you about where I go when I need to fill my well of creative energy: OhDeeDoh.

I mentioned this site in my last post, and I really love it. I first found it after obsessively reading Apartment Therapy and their Smallest, Coolest contest. Having been an apartment dweller most of my adult life, I can appreciate some of the amazing spaces & ideas shown here. Although I don't think I'll ever find myself living in a post-war apartment in Manhattan, I can still appreciate fine crown moulding, an ingenious floor layout, and spectacular views.

Back to OhDeeDoh.... They've got great creative ideas, lots of reader-submitted nurseries & playrooms to drool over, book reviews, craigslist finds, and more. And it's not just for babies! It's really a great site for families with toddlers, and for those who like to craft. Check it out today - and don't forget to look for their companion sites: The Kitchn, Unpluggd, and Re-Nest

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