Friday, August 14, 2009

Fab Friday: August 14

One of the benefits of moving to a big city is the greater variety of food shopping. I am so happy to have access to Trader Joe's again, and am enjoying exploring the local Meijer (much like the West Coast's Fred Meyer, but with an impressive international food section. Seriously, I have never been in a non-specialty grocery store that had food areas for Britain, the Mediterranean, Germany, and of course, Poland.).

One of my new favorite discoveries has been Fage. Pronounced "Fah-yeh", this is Greek yogurt, and it is divine. Greek yogurt is much thicker and more tart than regular yogurt. Fage comes in unflavored, but also comes in honey, cherry, peach, and strawberry.

The flavored versions have an ingenious little package that separates the fruit or honey from the yogurt, so you can add as much or as little as you like. While some like to dump & mix, I prefer to scoop my yogurt then dip it in the flavoring.

Fage is not a fat-free or low calorie food, but it is filling and delightful. It has become a regular part of my daily breakfast, and I find it far superior to Chobani (found at Costco, but not nearly as tasty).

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Rosie said...

That sounds utterly delightful.