Friday, August 21, 2009

Fab Friday: August 21

We've had a heat wave in the last few weeks. With no A/C, a brick house, and a decided lack of refreshing breezes, it's been H-O-T.

Our fans have been working overtime, and so has the kiddie pool. When the sun hangs low in the sky and bedtime approaches, we'll often sit on the front porch & resort to a decades old way to keep cool: the Popsicle.

Our latest faves are Dreyer's Strawberry Fruit Bars. They are cool and sweet and downright revive me in the evenings. I'll always be a chocolate lover, but in the midst of these sultry summer days, give me a Strawberry popsicle and a cool evening breeze, and I am a happy girl.


sarita said...

The coconut ones are divine as well!

Rosie said...

The coconuts are my to-die-for faves.