Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too Hot to Blog

This is what I felt like today.

At 7:30am, it was 77 degrees with 94% humidity.

The heat index peaked at over 100 degrees.

We are fortunate to NOT be one of the 95,000 people without power right now.

The early evening found us filling up the kiddie pool and doin' it up Bundy-style: kids in the pool, Mom & Dad in camp chairs, cold beverage in hand & feet in the cool water.

I am so glad we have ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

Think cool thoughts for us.


Rosie said...

oh, dear. good luck not melting.

Ashley said...

This past weekend was the 1st weekend all summer where I just felt HOT! It was SO gross and humid and nasty outside I wanted to die - and vowed to myself to never ever be in my 3rd trimester in summer again ;). I shouldn't complain since it's August & I've made it this far - but it makes me wonder if I really want to move to TX after med school... ;) Enjoy those ceiling fans and kiddie pools and your delicious bread! You've got me hungry and craving some R&R At a pool!

A Girl said...

You are sizzling! I used to live in Michigan... we must be soul mates :)

A Girl