Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Recap

I am a homebody.

There, I've admitted it!

I feel so light, so unburdened.

OK, maybe not.

The Holidays are a time I always look forward to, but often with mixed feelings. While I love my extended family and miss them, I've come to terms with the fact that my love for them does not override my distaste for travelling during the Holidays. Especially after last year's travel nightmare, it may be a handful more years until I entertain the notion of boarding a plane to travel thousands of miles through winter weather anytime from December 1-January 12.

As such, we had a lovely Christmas this year! Although I took on too much (crafting), and happily decided to not finish everything I started, I felt 97% prepared for Christmas to come.

We had a slow start (Big Sis must be the only kid on earth who sleeps in on Christmas morning!), but really enjoyed taking our time opening presents. We ate yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast, stayed in our PJ's ALL day, and whiled away the afternoon playing with our new gifts, snacking, and eating an early dinner (our usual prime rib roast - YUM!). We capped off the night by watching A Christmas Story. It was a perfect Christmas Day.

Big Daddy and Big J enjoying a story in his new chair.

Racing with his new dragster - a well-chosen gift from Big Sis.

LEGOS! Big Daddy was so excited to share the joy of Legos with his boy.

A favorite gift (although she seemed to love everything this year -WHEW!)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Sending Happy New Year Wishes to you wherever you are.
2010 has GOT to be better!

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