Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16

How did it get to be December 16th? I've been laboring under the delusion that today was the 14th. No way could it be the 16th - with just 9 more days until Christmas.


I think this perfectly defines my recent state of mind. My days have careened between masterful accomplishment (take that, to-do list!) and a near catatonic state of exhaustion. I've had insomnia, a fever, pale skin, a cough, a stuffy nose, and eyes so red that I look like a white rabbit. And then there are hours where I feel fine. I blame Michigan and its utterly confusing weather. December 16th and not a trace of snow to be found. Moving 30 miles from the border of the Great White North, I seriously thought we'd be in for some wild winter weather. But so far it's been icy, cold, rainy, gloomy, cloudy, rarely a peek of a sunny morning, and of course windy, with traces of hail, a few snowflakes, and not a partridge in a pear tree to be found.

My point?

Big J is 21 months!

He's displaying shades of a 2 year-old already - complete with temper tantrums and moments of tender sweetness.

He's at his best in the morning, and will even stop to cuddle and kiss me.

He's inquisitive and loves making new discoveries, from foods (Dried mango + berries? Yum!) to toys (Lego blocks that you can build up & knock down? Yes, please!). He loves to dance, to howl, to antagonize his sister (who is still the moon & stars to him).

He is obsessed with our iPhones and any time our backs are turned, he will happily grab one, unlock it and select his favorite game to amuse himself.

He is adorable and trying and sweet and irritating and loving and intolerable. He's our Big J & we love him so much!

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Robyn said...

What a handsome boy, that Big J! Hope you have a white christmas!