Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of January

Whew! If January is indicative of how 2010 is going to go for us, I am looking forward to the next 11 months. Despite the hiccups of a little sickness in the house (10 days of Rotavirus - once was enough!), this was a good month for us.

This little guy is keeping us busy. He's always on the go, and loves coloring, running, playing with his trucks & Legos, watching Cars, and snacking.

Anytime he can, he will grab my phone and start "playing" Monopoly.
We don't usually allow "Porky Pigging", but he wouldn't take off his boots. Can't say I blame him.

Big Sis lost TWO teeth! She's had several wigglers, but when Big Daddy saw the new ones pushing through on the bottom he decided it was time to pull out the hemostats and finish them off. She was very brave, and the Tooth Fairy rewarded her with $5 tucked into her new Tooth Fairy pillow!

Tooth Fairy pillow accented with vintage buttons. It matches the quilt I am making for her birthday.

And finally, Big Sis went rock climbing! We happened to be at REI on a weekend day, and she immediately insisted on trying the rock wall. She waited patiently for over an hour, and was able to observe several other climbers before her turn arrived.

Getting roped into her harness.

Listening to instructions.

Finding footholds & handholds. I think she has a bit of a natural talent for rock climbing.

Monkeying up. About 3/4 of the way up she froze for a minute, but she shook it off & touched the bell up top.

Reaching for the bell.

Rappelling back down.
She liked it enough to ask to go back and do it again.
We're so proud of our girl!


Kelly said...

Way to go girl. I think you have a natural climber on your hands. Austin will be jealous of those missing teeth. He wants to lose some so bad.

wishful nals said...

your little guy is so cute! xo

Robyn said...

LOVE the fabric on the pillow! Can't wait to see the quilt.

So impressed with Malaina- you go girl!