Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Fashion Trend: Jeans Diapers??

You know you're the Alpha Mom, always on the cutting edge. All the other playgroup Moms look to you for their next move. And now you can be the first to show them the hot summer trend: Jeans Diapers from Huggies!

Every kid is adorable in jeans, and now you can get that denim look without the worry of actual pants. Just fasten your little one into a pair of Huggies Jeans diapers, and they are good to go!
Need a little more style for your budding Sartorialist? Well you know denim is a blank canvas to be embellished upon! Here's a few ideas on how to de-frump your tiny tyke.

Southern Comfort: For girls, just add a halter or tube top for that provocative Daisy Duke look. Butch up the boys with a dirty wifebeater, or a plain T with the arms cut out, accented with fake tattoos. Don't forget the tiny can of beer - in the bottle, of course!

Casual Friday: Jeans at work?! Of course! But workaday style calls for something a little more dressy than the usual T and flip flops. Girls, get out your crisp white button-downs and sassy bejeweled flats. Boys, add a bright T or buttondown, throw on a blazer, and pair it with a sweet pair of Bucs for summer comfort.

Urban Dreamz: This look is a bit more edgy, but I know your fashionista can handle it - especially with Friday night just around the corner! Girls, get out the gold jewelry and the Bedazzler - it's time to add some bling to those jeans. Once you've glitzed up the bottoms, don't forget the top half: add a bra top under a (faux) fur vest, throw on some chains, add platform high heels, and she's ready to hit the club! Boys, make sure your diaper is nice & full so it can ride low and give you that baggy-chic look. For extra street cred, add a T from your fave sports team (preferably the Raiders or Yankees), a matching ball cap, Nike RT1's for your kicks, and don't forget the shades!

Emo Style: Is Baby a little moody today? Some days they just feel mad at the world and can't help but show it. Girls, a black lacy top with long flowing sleeves and skull printed Baby Legs show your sweet and sassy edge. Boys, make sure your black T shirt is adorned with safety pins, and all your hair falls in your face. So Tough! So Sensitive!

Huggies Little Movers Jeans are available for a limited time in the summer months. Get yours today!

Or better yet, retain all your mental faculties as well as your sense of dignity and DON'T!!


Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Amy you are a HOOT! I love this. Ya...I did a double take when I saw this commercial. I thought to myself, "really?!?!" Your post says it ALL so well!

Kelly said...

Ha, ha, ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning!