Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Has Gone Too Far

I am a girl who likes to have a plan. I understand that plans change, and sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. I am fine with that, as long as there is some sort of loose structure in place.

For as we all know:

If you fail to plan.......

But Motherhood has forced me to reset my expectations. I still enjoy a good plan, and garner further delight in the flawless execution of said plan. But kids create complications. They smear peanut butter on new outfits just before Picture Day commences and glow hot with fever on the first day of a cross-country family reunion. They melt down at wedding receptions and break their arm the night before heading into the Magic Kingdom. My psyche has had to learn to embrace the impetuous and hold hands with the spontaneous.

Despite my love of a plan & my newfound pal improvisation, shades of laziness have taken over my being. It's been too easy to wallow in sloth since coming to Michigan. First, I allowed my discontent to take over. I felt sorry for myself, and spent my time missing friends and pining for familiarity. Then I slowly began to enjoy the freedom engendered by an eldest child in school. I fell into the rut of drop-off, gym, shower, errands, lunch, naptime, pick-up, dinner. And it was good.

Since 'summer vacation' has officially begun, my rut has been disrupted and I am not liking it one bit. It's only been a week, and I know our schedule is even more out of the norm due to rehearsals for the ballet recital..... but I am going nuts! Our days have been a little too aimless, my kids are at each other's throats & racking up Time Outs by the hour, and I am snapping at them far more than usual. If this first week is an indication of the remainder of the summer, I am afraid for what my mental state is going to be by the end of August.

I am seriously considering sitting down and mapping out a plan for each week, and possibly even each day. I am envisioning most days being quite ordinary, but planning for special events (splash pad, museum, park, library, camping) will make everyone more excited for the actual happening.

The spontaneous (and lazy) part of me is fighting this urge, believing that it's better to just be open to what the summer presents us with. And the organized, list-loving, schedule-keeping part of me is secretly squealing and clapping her hands together.

If my husband is going to insist on continuing to call me the Activities Director, I may as well fully embrace it & start earning my clipboard.

Any words of advice from organized families?

PS - 400th post! Woot!


Ashley said...

Oh AMy I have missed your posts. I've been so MIA and always feel so refreshed after coming to visit your blog ;). Sorry the summer is creating crazyness though. I feel especially lazy after a month+ of Logan off and now he's in residency and I'm on my own again - during the day at least. And I'm not even, since I'm still staying with my parents, but I am lazy lazy lazy. I hope your kids magically wake up entertained on their own and you get to sleep in and get your nails done ;). haha.

Bytheway: I think you have some serious talent when it comes to writing. Serious!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I wish I had some wisdom to share but I find myself wanting to post something similar. My routine is off due to the move, summer, etc. NO matter how fun I try to make the play room or backyard it seems to only last about 5 min's before someone is SCREAMING or barking demands at me. I want to make a plan like you said, but I also can't find the motivation. Anyway...I hope others share some great ideas for me to steal!

Ted and Hilery said...

Pool pass. We are going a couple of times a week and the kids love it! It is in no way relaxing for me, I have to entertain them the whole time but it takes up about 3 hours of our day a couple times a week.. and it doubles as a great motivator for good behavior. :)